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Misaligned Feet – HyProCure

Treating Misaligned Feet With HyProCure

What exactly are misaligned feet?

Misaligned feet are the result of the ankle bone sliding off of the heel bone causing the small, naturally-occurring space in between (called the sinus tarsi) to collapse. When you stand on feet that are misaligned, it causes a chain reaction of misalignment through the body. Your body is then forced to compensate by putting excessive strain on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. The most common sign of misaligned feet is the inward rolling of the ankles, which is called Hyperpronation. Misaligned feet are quite common, some estimate that nearly 45% of people have misaligned feet, but they are often misdiagnosed because they cause a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms including knee, hip and back pain. They affect people of all ages.

HyProCure Can Help

HyProCure is an FDA cleared, proven solution to misaligned feet and can dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

How does HyProCure work?

This procedure is performed in a noninvasive manner through a small incision in the ankle. HyProCure treats misaligned feet by inserting a small stent into the sinus tarsi which causes the ankle bone and heel bone to move back into their proper position. These stents do not penetrate the ankle or heel bones, resulting in a much shorter recovery time. Most patients are fully recovered within a few weeks of having the procedure.