General consultation at Milwaukee Surgery Center podiatry

General Consultation at Milwaukee Surgery Center

What is general consultation?

A general consultation is a meeting between a doctor and a patient to discuss the patient’s medical problems. Typically a consultation will involve an in-depth discussion and examination to help obtain a preliminary diagnosis of the patient’s problem. This may include a series of questions regarding your lifestyle and hobbies, as well as some simple tests to learn more about what may be causing your foot and ankle pain. Scheduling a general consultation with Milwaukee Surgery Center is an excellent way of taking the first step towards fixing problems with your ankles and feet.

What will we talk about during the consultation?

During the consultation you and your podiatrist will discuss a number of topics with you. These topics might include preventative measures you can take to reduce the chances of developing foot and ankle problems or steps you can take to reduce the effects of your current problems. Depending on your needs your doctor may recommend future follow up visits to monitor your foot and ankle health or to schedule treatment at a later date. If your need is great enough, our doctors may recommend foot surgery or another solution like special orthopedics or orthopedic shoes to help alleviate your problems.

What problems can Milwaukee Surgery Center treat?

At Milwaukee surgery center we can treat a number of foot and ankle problems. Our surgeons have spent years honing their craft in podiatry. We can offer solutions to many common problems, including treatment for heel spurs and bunions. We can also help you recover from more complicated problems such as painful hammer toes or misaligned feet.